What To Know About Summer and DWIs

January 1, 2022 | By Shane Phelps Law
What To Know About Summer and DWIs

For most people, summer represents relaxation and fun with friends and family members. However, it is also considered to be one of the most dangerous times of the year for both drivers and pedestrians. There is also a notable increase in DWI charges during the summer months, contributing to the increased number of accidents and injuries. It is important to understand why cases spike in numbers around this time, and Shane Phelps Law can help explain.

1. More Travel

With people having more free time on their hands and students out of school, there will be an increase in travel. During the summer, people are traveling and hitting the road. Whether it be a weekend getaway to the beach or a camping trip, there will be an increased number of people in cars and on the roads. While not everyone may be drinking and driving, the possibility of this occurring increases with more individuals driving and on vacation.

2. Less Responsibilities

In the College Station and Bryan area, there are a high number of college students. During the summer months, most college students will have fewer responsibilities to attend to. This means that they will have more time for other activities. If students are drinking or out with friends, they may feel inclined to consume more alcohol with fewer responsibilities on their minds. While this is not true for every student, it is more likely to occur during the summer. If they get behind the wheel after a number of drinks, they could face DWI charges.

3. More Convenient

It is not uncommon for individuals to think that they are capable of driving after they have had a couple of drinks. While there are other options for getting home after drinking, some may see them as an inconvenience and choose to get behind the wheel. While it is not illegal to be of drinking age and drive in Texas, you cannot be intoxicated. It is always best to have a plan in place when drinking to reduce your chance of facing a DWI charge. Have a designated driver or utilize an online rideshare app.

Experienced DWI Attorneys

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