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Federal drug offenses are prosecuted in Federal District Court and sentencing is governed by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Both the state of Texas and the U.S. Government investigate and prosecute drug offenses. If you are facing charges for serious federal drug offenses, our Bryan & College Station federal drug defense attorneys at Shane Phelps Law can help defend you. We have decades of experience in the legal field and know how to defend you.

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In the federal system, prosecutors and investigators focus on:

The federal system is most different from the state system in how it goes about assessing punishment. In state courts, a defendant can choose whether a judge or jury sets punishment and the range of punishment can be very broad, in some cases, from 5 years to 99 years or life in prison.

In the Federal system, punishment is set by a District Judge (never a jury, except in death penalty cases), according to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, an often controversial set of schedules for various crimes that give a judge a limited range of punishment from which to choose.

Determining what sentence is likely to be assessed is complicated and requires a great deal of skill to see that all of the proper information gets before a judge before a sentence is handed down.

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