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As technology advances, so do the methods of criminal activity, with computer-related offenses becoming increasingly prevalent in our digital age. These crimes encompass a wide range of illegal activities, from hacking into computer systems to perpetrating online fraud and identity theft. Computer crimes often present complex legal challenges. Individuals accused of these crimes need a skilled Bryan computer crimes lawyer to navigate the intricacies of the legal system effectively.

A local lawyer specializing in criminal defense can provide invaluable assistance, drawing on their knowledge of both state and federal laws governing computer-related offenses. From conducting thorough investigations to challenging evidence and crafting strong defense strategies, a dedicated computer crimes attorney can work tirelessly to protect the rights and interests of their clients.

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Why Choose a Bryan Computer Crimes Lawyer from the Law Office of Shane Phelps?

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Whether facing allegations of hacking, online solicitation, or other computer-related charges, having a trusted legal advocate by your side can make all the difference in achieving a favorable outcome in your case.

Our team of experienced attorneys understands the nuances of state and local laws governing computer-related offenses, providing you with tailored legal solutions that are specific to the Bryan community. As active members of the local area, we are deeply invested in your well-being and are readily accessible for consultation and support.

By choosing a Bryan computer crimes lawyer from our firm, you can benefit from personalized attention, timely communication, and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for your case. Call us today at 979-773-7028 for a free consultation and let us put our experience to work for you.

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Computer Crimes in Bryan, Texas

Computer Crimes in Bryan, Texas

In Texas, computer crimes generally fall under the Texas Penal Code, specifically in Chapter 33 titled "Computer Crimes." This chapter outlines various offenses related to computer and internet use, including unauthorized access to computer systems, tampering with computer data, online solicitation of minors, and offenses involving computer security breaches.

These offenses are often classified as white-collar crimes due to their non-violent nature and the use of technology for financial gain or deception.

Here are some key sections within Chapter 33 of the Texas Penal Code that address computer crimes:

  • § 33.01 - Breach of Computer Security: This section prohibits unauthorized access to computer systems or networks with the intent to obtain information, disrupt services, or cause harm.
  • § 33.02 - Online Solicitation of a Minor: It addresses the solicitation of minors through electronic means, including the Internet, for sexual or illicit purposes.
  • § 33.07 - Online Impersonation: This section deals with the unauthorized use of someone else's identity online with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate, or threaten.
  • § 33.021 - Online Harassment: It prohibits the use of electronic communication to harass, annoy, alarm, abuse, torment, or embarrass another person.
  • § 33.122 - Unauthorized Use of a Telecommunications Service: This section addresses the unauthorized use of telecommunications services, including accessing computer systems or networks without consent.

Computer-related prosecutions are becoming more and more common. The Penal Code and Federal Statutes are being amended regularly to address offenses involving the use of computers and/or the Internet. The laws are regularly updated to address emerging technologies and online threats. In many cases, the punishment, if convicted, can include prison time.

To adequately defend your rights, you must retain an attorney who knows both the technical and legal implications of properly defending these types of offenses. We have litigated numerous cases involving the use of computers and the Internet. Our team has worked closely with forensic computer examiners and knows how to properly investigate and defend computer-related cases.

Our founding attorney Shane Phelps helped draft Texas' Online Solicitation of a Minor statute, testified before the Texas Legislature, and was with Governor Perry when the bill was signed into law.

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When facing computer-related charges, you can expect a thorough investigation by law enforcement agencies specializing in cybercrimes. This investigation may involve digital forensics to gather evidence from electronic devices, including computers and smartphones. You should be aware that law enforcement may seize electronic devices during the investigation process.

Potential Consequences for Computer Crimes

Potential legal consequences for computer-related charges can vary depending on the severity of the offense and applicable state or federal laws. These consequences may include fines, probation, restitution, and imprisonment. In cases involving sensitive information or online exploitation, individuals may also face civil lawsuits from affected parties.

An experienced cybercrime lawyer can help you understand your legal options and navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system. We work together with you to ultimately find the best possible outcome for your case.

How Can a Bryan Computer Crimes Lawyer Help Me?

Computer Crimes Attorneys in Bryan, TX

Throughout the legal process, the role of legal representation is crucial. A skilled attorney who focuses on computer crimes can provide guidance and advocacy at every stage, from the initial investigation to court proceedings. Your lawyer can challenge evidence obtained through digital forensics, negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or penalties, and vigorously defend your rights in court.

Here's how we can help:

  • Legal Skill: A computer crimes lawyer possesses specialized knowledge and experience in laws on cybercrimes, allowing them to provide knowledgeable guidance and representation tailored to your specific case.
  • Defense Strategy: Your lawyer will assess the details of your case, including the evidence against you, and develop a strategic defense plan to protect your rights and interests. This may involve challenging the legality of evidence obtained through digital forensics, identifying procedural errors, or negotiating with prosecutors for reduced charges or penalties.
  • Understanding Technology: Computer crimes often involve complex technical aspects. A knowledgeable lawyer understands the intricacies of technology and can effectively navigate digital evidence to build a strong defense on your behalf.
  • Protecting Your Rights: Your lawyer will advocate for your rights throughout the legal process, ensuring that you are treated fairly and that any potential violations of your rights are addressed promptly.
  • Mitigating Consequences: If convicted, a computer crimes lawyer can work to minimize the consequences you face, such as reducing fines, probation terms, or imprisonment sentences.

If you are being investigated for any white-collar offense such as theft, fraud, misapplication of fiduciary property, securing execution of a document by deception, wire fraud, or mail fraud, investigators will attempt to seize any computers you either work with or use at home. These computers will be forensically examined for evidence of illegal activity and the results of that examination will be used against you.

This is why having the most competent legal representation you can find is so important. Your attorney should examine the computer and work with a retained forensic computer examiner to make sure that the examination performed on your computer was done properly.

Often, evidence that might help to prove your innocence is overlooked by law enforcement. An experienced attorney can work to find this evidence and effectively challenge the prosecution's case as well as present such evidence on your behalf.

Facing criminal charges can be daunting, but a computer crimes lawyer will provide you with the guidance, support, and reassurance you need during this challenging time. A skilled attorney is key to achieving the best possible outcome in your case.

Understanding Digital Security and Cybercrime Protection

Lead Attorney Shane Phelps with Attorney Reilly Garrett

In today's digital age, protecting digital rights and privacy is paramount, especially amidst increasing scrutiny and surveillance in cyberspace. Individuals and businesses must be vigilant in safeguarding their online activities to prevent unauthorized access and potential involvement in computer-related offenses.

Robust cybersecurity measures include using strong and unique passwords, regularly updating software and antivirus programs, and encrypting sensitive data. Additionally, individuals should exercise caution when sharing personal information online and be mindful of phishing scams and other fraudulent activities.

Businesses should establish comprehensive cybersecurity policies and procedures, conduct regular audits and risk assessments, and provide ongoing training to employees on cybersecurity best practices.

Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations is essential to reduce or eliminate the risk of being implicated in computer-related offenses. This includes familiarizing yourself with local, state, and federal laws governing cybercrimes, data privacy, and intellectual property rights.

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At the Law Office of Shane Phelps, our team has a proven track record of successfully defending clients against cybercrime allegations. We understand the complexities of technology and the laws surrounding these cases, allowing us to provide you with the knowledgeable and effective legal representation you need.

Our firm founder, Shane Phelps, stands as a leader in shaping computer crime legislation, providing our team with a unique advantage in representing individuals facing these complex charges. His insight into the intricacies of technology laws not only sets our firm apart but also empowers us to offer unparalleled legal representation to our clients.

When facing allegations of computer-related offenses, trust in our firm's experience and dedication to securing the best possible outcome for your case. Don't wait to protect your rights and future – contact us today and let us help you navigate this challenging legal situation. Call Shane Phelps Law today at 979-773-7028 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our knowledgeable Bryan criminal defense lawyers.

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