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Getting charged with underage driving under the influence (DUI) in Bryan, Texas, can have significant repercussions on your future. With the prevalence of background checks conducted by universities, employers, and even housing agencies, a DUI conviction can cast a long shadow over your life for years to come.

Don't let a mistake made when you're young tarnish your future. Talk to an experienced Bryan underage DUI lawyer at Shane Phelps Law. We can help you navigate this challenging time.

Beyond the immediate legal consequences, such as fines and license suspension, an underage DUI arrest can damage your reputation, hinder educational and employment opportunities, and affect your relationships.

A local lawyer with lots of experience handling underage DUI cases can make all the difference. By enlisting the assistance of our dedicated Bryan DUI attorneys, young individuals facing underage DUI charges can minimize the impact on their prospects and move forward with renewed hope and determination.

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Why Choose the Law Office of Shane Phelps When Facing a Bryan Underage DUI Arrest?

Bryan Underage DUI Attorneys at the Law Office of Shane Phelps

A knowledgeable defense attorney familiar with the intricacies of Bryan's legal system and underage DUI charges can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the legal process. From navigating court proceedings to negotiating with prosecutors, a skilled lawyer can work to mitigate the charges, seek alternative sentencing options, or even pursue case dismissal.

A local lawyer's familiarity with the local courts and law enforcement agencies can help them anticipate potential challenges and devise effective defense strategies tailored to the specific circumstances of your case.

With compassionate support and unwavering advocacy, a local DUI lawyer from the Law Office of Shane Phelps can empower young clients to navigate through this challenging ordeal and strive toward a brighter future. Contact us today for your free consultation. Give us a call at (979) 775-4100.

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Our Law Office in Bryan, Texas

The Law Office of Shane Phelps, P.C., is located at 400 N. Washington Avenue, Bryan, TX 77803. We are in the heart of Bryan, at the corner of E. 23rd Street. Contact us for a free consultation.

Texas Underage DUI Laws

Underage DUI Arrest in Bryan, TX

Texas is considered a zero-tolerance state. It is illegal for people younger than age 21 to drive with any detectable amount of alcohol in their system. This means that if a chemical test concludes that a driver younger than 21 years of age has a BAC level above 0.00%, they can be arrested for a DUI.

Texas DUI laws are spelled out in the Penal Code, Title 10, Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, and Morals, chapter 49, Intoxication and Alcoholic Beverage offenses.

If you are an underage driver and face a conviction for driving under the influence, our Bryan DUI attorney can provide you with the relentless and aggressive representation you need to reduce the charges or even get your case dismissed entirely. With decades of experience, our legal team can protect your rights and your reputation.

What Are the Penalties for an Underage DUI?

DUI/DWI Penalties in Texas

The difference between driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) is that only drivers under the age of 21 can be charged with a DUI, which is considered a Class C offense and punishable by a maximum fine of $500 and 60-day license suspension.

An alcohol education program must also be completed. However, if you don’t complete the program, an underage driver may face an additional 180 days of license suspension.

The following are additional offenses a driver may face if they are younger than 21:

  • Presenting false identification or documents stating that you’re 21 years old.
  • Possession of alcohol.
  • Consumption of alcohol.
  • Public intoxication.
  • Purchasing or attempting to purchase alcohol.
  • Child endangerment.

Protecting Your Future After an Underage DUI

DUI Defense Lawyers Association - Charter Member Badge

Being charged with an underage DUI can have serious consequences that can impact your future. It's important to seek legal representation from an experienced Bryan underage DUI attorney who can help protect your rights and minimize the potential consequences.

At Shane Phelps Law, we understand the complexities of Texas underage DUI laws and provide aggressive defense strategies for our clients. We will work to build a strong defense and explore all possible options to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Here are several ways we can help:

  • Legal Counsel and Representation: A DUI lawyer can offer comprehensive legal counsel, explaining the charges, potential consequences, and available defense strategies. They can represent you in court proceedings, ensuring your rights are protected and advocating for the best possible outcome.
  • Case Investigation and Analysis: A skilled DUI lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the arrest, including reviewing police reports, witness statements, and evidence collected by law enforcement. They will analyze the details of the case to identify any procedural errors, constitutional violations, or weaknesses in the prosecution's case.
  • Negotiation With Prosecutors: DUI lawyers have experience negotiating with prosecutors to seek reduced charges, plea bargains, or alternative sentencing options, such as diversion programs or probation. By advocating on your behalf, they can strive to minimize the impact of the DUI charge on your future.
  • DMV Hearings: In addition to criminal proceedings, a DUI lawyer can represent you at administrative hearings with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to contest license suspension or seek reinstatement of driving privileges. They can present evidence and arguments to challenge the suspension and protect your ability to drive.
  • Minimization of Consequences: Ultimately, a DUI lawyer's goal is to minimize the consequences of the underage DUI charge, seeking to avoid or mitigate fines, license suspension, and other penalties. They will work diligently to protect your opportunities.
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Challenges for Youths Charged with Underage DUI

Lead Attorney Shane Phelps with Attorney Reilly Garrett

A young person charged with underage DUI faces challenges like those faced by older drivers. However, these consequences can seem even heavier because of the impact they have on your future.

The world is at your fingertips, and an underage DUI arrest is a burden you could potentially carry into many different areas of your life.

Several challenges can be particularly daunting for a young person under the legal drinking age of 21 who is arrested for driving under the influence (DUI):

  • Legal Consequences: Being charged with an underage DUI can result in fines, license suspension, mandatory alcohol education programs, and potentially even jail time. These legal consequences can disrupt your life and plans, impacting your ability to drive, attend school, or get a job.
  • Educational and Career Implications: A DUI arrest and conviction can have lasting repercussions on educational and career opportunities. Many universities and colleges conduct background checks, and a DUI conviction may affect admissions decisions or eligibility for scholarships and financial aid. Similarly, employers often consider DUI convictions during the hiring process, potentially limiting job prospects or leading to termination in certain professions.
  • Social Stigma: There is a social stigma associated with DUI offenses, especially for young people. The arrest and legal proceedings may become public knowledge, leading to embarrassment, shame, and strained relationships with family, friends, and peers. This social stigma can worsen feelings of isolation and negatively impact your mental health and self-esteem.
  • Insurance Premiums: A DUI conviction can significantly increase insurance premiums, making it more expensive for young drivers to maintain auto insurance coverage. This financial burden can further strain your already limited resources and create challenges in meeting other financial obligations.
  • Long-Term Consequences: The repercussions of an underage DUI arrest can extend well into the future, affecting car insurance rates, employment prospects, and even international travel opportunities. The stigma associated with a DUI conviction may linger for years, hindering personal and professional growth and limiting opportunities for advancement.

Navigating these challenges can be overwhelming, but you don't have to face this process alone. An experienced attorney who understands the nuances of underage DUI laws can provide effective guidance and support throughout the legal process. Don't wait for someone else to decide your future.

Call the experienced underage DUI lawyers at Shane Phelps Law now and lean on us for support.

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