Bonnie and Clyde: Texas Outlaws and the Lessons We Learned

January 1, 2021 | By Shane Phelps Law
Bonnie and Clyde: Texas Outlaws and the Lessons We Learned

In small towns around Texas, two of America’s most infamous criminals reigned supreme, but the real lives of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow weren’t as flashy as most accounts would have you believe. These two lovers turned Texas on its head, but what did we learn from their story and does their tale influence the criminal justice system today?

Clyde Barrow

As the son of a dirt farmer, Clyde Barrow never had much in the way of wealth. Not only was he born poor, but he was subjected to one of the worst economic crises in American history: the Great Depression.

He was born in a bleak little town south of Dallas where he turned to petty crimes and car theft to make ends meet. The Barrows moved to Dallas proper in the early 1920s along with other poor families who were desperate for a new start. However, the move to a big city only seemed to encourage Barrow’s criminal activities. His crooked ways would eventually lead him to his partner in crime: Bonnie Parker.

The two met through a mutual friend in 1930 and enjoyed a short period of infatuated bliss before Barrow was sent to Eastham Prison for auto theft. Bonnie helped him escape by smuggling a gun past the guards during a visit, but he was swiftly recaptured and remained in prison until his release on parole in 1932.

Once out of prison, Barrow sought out Bonnie and the two rekindled their relationship and hit the road.

Bonnie Parker

Little Bonnie Parker grew up in an equally dismal town until her family moved to Dallas. She expressed her disenchantment with poverty and the world through melodramatic poetry but continued to live a relatively humdrum life until she met Clyde Barrow.

Bonnie was known for her sweetness and affable personality. She was able to charm men, women, and conveniently, prison guards. Just a few short years later, Bonnie became the magnetic personality that held the Barrow Gang together despite Clyde’s prickly nature.

The Short and Unfortunate Tale of the Barrow Gang

Bonnie and Clyde were simple Texas people with the misfortune of becoming the most infamous people in Texas at the time. The Barrow Gang had a constant rotation of ex-con members and relatives, but despite the various skills these people brought to the table, the gang stuck to robbing small stores, banks, and gas stations they encountered while on the run.

From 1932 to 1934, Bonnie and Clyde captured the imagination and attention of nearly everyone in Texas. That is until they were both killed on a country road in Bienville Perish, Louisiana. After two hard years on the road, both Parker and Barrow had experienced countless injuries and were no longer young, excitable youths ready for adventure.

Bonnie had sustained severe battery acid burns on her legs that incapacitated her. She’d recovered from bullet wounds and bouts of starvation but the hard life she’d chosen had left its mark. For Clyde, the amputation of several toes, bullet wounds, and head injuries took their toll, but he was still committed to their life of crime.

That is until May 23, 1934. The gang was on the road to Bienville proper when police fired over 100 shots into the Barrow Gang’s stolen V8, killing everyone inside. The tale of the Barrow Gang had come to a close, but what did this unique moment in time teach us?

Why Are Bonnie and Clyde So Important?

The police were endlessly frustrated by the Barrow Gang. Clyde always insisted on stealing the fastest cars and the most sophisticated weapons – two resources the police didn’t have. Police chases across Texas were slow and law enforcement was regularly outpaced by Barrow, who had a supernatural talent for driving. Ultimately, police were always at a disadvantage – the Barrow Gang couldn’t outsmart them but they outran and outgunned them at every turn.

It can be said that police saw their deficiencies and moved to level the playing field. Now, police are at the forefront of technology and advancement related to catching crime. In fact, these days there’s pushback against the sheer amount of money pumped into local police precincts around the country.

From automatic weapons to cameras and facial recognition, today’s police aren’t afraid to use all of these resources to their full advantage. However, there’s another side to this constant fight for the best: sometimes technology fails to fill in the gaps that human logic and observation would otherwise fill.

Those accused of a crime today face a barrage of criminal procedure and evaluation. Investigations are more sophisticated than ever, but relying solely on technological advancements to prove guilt isn’t justice. In many cases, there’s more than meets the eye and without the help of a diligent attorney, accused persons could find themselves behind bars.

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