What to Do If Your Child is Arrested for DWI

January 1, 2017 | By Shane Phelps Law
What to Do If Your Child is Arrested for DWI

A driver’s license is a huge step towards independence and adulthood for many teenagers, but unfortunately some also forget the responsibility that is involved with this newfound privilege. It’s not unheard of for teenagers to decide to use this ability to get around on our roads to bring themselves to high school parties, which sometimes involve alcohol, which they consume and then try to drive themselves home. Logically, this can lead to some of them not making it home before being pulled over by a police officer and being arrested for DUI.

If you get that dreaded phone call, you may find that you’re not sure how to handle this stressful situation. Here at Shane Phelps Law., we’ve seen cases like this before, and we can offer a few tips for parents that may help them through this difficult time.

Provide Support

Your first instinct as a parent may be to want to let your child deal with the situation entirely on their own. Since they got their drivers’ license, they can learn to deal with the consequences of their actions like an adult, right? While it’s true that this is a good opportunity for them to learn from their mistake, your child has probably made the phone call to you informing you of their situation because they trust you and they look to you for guidance. It’s not a bad idea to make them take the lead on things such as their court, legal, and other appointments, but it’s not a bad idea to stay on top of them and make sure they don’t miss them. You will want to make sure they go through the process properly, or else the consequences could be even more severe, even life-changing.

Seek an Attorney

Another way you can help your child with their DUI case is by reaching out to a skilled Bryan DUI attorney. High-quality and experienced legal representation can make the difference between a reasonable outcome to their case and a devastating one. An attorney is well-versed in the laws regarding DUI, including underage DUI, and can work to put the evidence on your child’s side, which can prevent some of the harmful long-term consequences, including the possibility of a permanent criminal record which can prevent them from seeking employment, living quarters, and more.

It’s easy to get upset when your child has been arrested for DUI, and that’s a perfectly logical reaction. However, remember that the chances are good that this was a simple mistake of being overly-confident while underage. The experience will most likely teach your child a lesson, and while you can work to help them learn that lesson, there’s nothing wrong with working to make sure that their future is not jeopardized in the process.

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