What to Ask Your Lawyer

January 1, 2017 | By Shane Phelps Law
What to Ask Your Lawyer

There are a lot DWI attorneys out there to choose from. In fact, there are so many that it can be very overwhelming when you try to pick the one that is right for your case. Before you choose a lawyer, you should fist shop around and compare the competition in your area. But what should you be asking the attorneys that you are interested in hiring? Knowing what to ask an attorney can be the difference between hiring a good attorney or a bad attorney. Below, we explain what to ask before you hire a DUI lawyer.

#1: Find Out About Their Background

  • How long have they been practicing law?
  • What cities and states have they worked in before?
  • Do they belong to any reputable professional organizations or bar associations?
  • What specific areas of law do they practice?

#2: Ask about Their Track Record

  • How many DWI cases have they won?
  • How many have they lost?
  • How many of their cases reached a settlement agreement?
  • Do they tend to take their DWI cases to trial or work out plea agreements?

#3: Find Out How Strong Your Case Is

  • What do they think the weakest part of your case is?
  • How can the weaknesses in your defense be improved?
  • What do they think is your best defense strategy?

#4: Ask About Your Options

  • What are the consequences if you plead guilty?
  • Is there a lesser charge you can agree to?
  • What ways can you avoid a trial?

#5: Find Out How Much Their Services Will Cost

  • What are their payment fees?
  • Do they charge an hourly fee or flat fee?
  • Is there a retainer fee?
  • What extra services do they charge for?

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