How a DUI/DWI Can Affect Future Opportunities

Aside from lengthy jail sentences and expensive fines, a DUI/DWI conviction can Texas can have an adverse impact on your employment and education opportunities. Whether you are applying for a new job or accredited university, a DUI/DWI on your criminal record can negatively affect your chances of accomplishing your goals.

To go into more detail, the following are common ways a DUI conviction can affect your reputation:

  • DUI conviction and employment – Some employers will refuse or cannot hire individuals with a DUI conviction because employees with DUI/DWI’s on their record are considered a huge risk of hurting another person. This is especially true for industries that require a person to operate machinery or a vehicle, as well as professions that require a license.
  • DUI conviction and educational opportunities – When you apply for a college, you may be required to list any criminal convictions or arrests on your application, such as DUI/DWI crimes. If you have one DUI/DWI conviction, you may be admitted to a university upon completion of a drug/alcohol program. Even after you have already been admitted, some colleges may possess a policy that requires a student to report any arrests to the administration. Failure to report a DUI/DWI arrest can lead to a suspension.
  • DUI conviction and financial aid/scholarships –Requirements for private scholarships or financial aid programs vary depending on the rules established by the organization in charge. While some may only be affected by felony convictions, others may want to know if you have been arrested or convicted of any offense, including DUI/DWI’s.

Fortunately, a DUI conviction can later be remedied through an expunction or non-disclosure proceeding. At The Law Office of Shane Phelps, P.C., I am prepared to protect your future.

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