DWI First Offense in Texas

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Being arrested for a DWI for the first time can be a frightening and stressful experience. While you face harsh penalties such as jail time, fines, license suspension and increased insurance rates, your reputation can take a substantial hit with a permanent mark on your criminal record.

At The Law Office of Shane Phelps, P.C., we are prepared to investigate the charges against you, analyze evidence collected by law enforcement and interview potential witnesses on your behalf.

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Our Bryan, TX DUI defense attorney can provide you with an effective defense strategy to either have your charges reduced or your case entirely thrown out.

First-Time DWI Penalties

First offense convictions of DWI in Texas include a minimum incarceration of three days and a maximum of 180 days. If there is an open container of alcohol in the individual’s possession, the jail time will be a minimum of six days.

A fine of no more than $2,000 and a minimum license suspension period of 90 days will also be issued. However, if an individual refuses to participate in BAC testing, the mandatory license suspension period is 180 days according to the implied consent laws.

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